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Those of you in the mid-west might be interested in this event. I am one
of the speakers.


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Serious Hypertext:
Midwest Hypertext Workshop

Saturday, March 18, 1995
Ann Arbor, Michigan

In cooperation with the University of Michigan Press and Shaman Drum Books,
Eastgate is hosting a one-day hypertext workshop next month in Ann Arbor.
This should be a great opportunity to hear some superb speakers on
the frontiers of hypertext writing, to exchange ideas with other hypertext
readers and writers.

Join leading writers, scholars, and publishers for an incisive hands-on
workshop. Explore how hypertext is extending and redefining the book while
preserving the essential values of the written word.

For additional information:

world wide web: http://www.eastgate.com/~eastgate/midwest.html
phone: Eastgate Systems (800) 562-1638 (617) 924-9044
email: midwest@eastgate.com


Sister Stories: A Fresh Perspective On Media In Hypertext

Michael Joyce is the author of Afternoon, the classic hypertext novel that
established hypertext fiction among the most significant literary phenonema
of our time. Joyce's hypertexts have been lauded by The New York Times ("a
legend"), The Washington Post, and The New Yorker ("a classic of the genre").

Michael Joyce is one of the most experienced teachers of hypertext writing in
the world, and was one of the original designers of Storyspace, perhaps the
most popular system for serious hypertext fiction and scholarly hypertext. He
is the Randolph Distinguished Visiting Professor of English at Vassar College.
His long-awaited essays on hypertext, Of Two Minds: Hypertext and Poetics,
has just been published by the University of Michigan Press.

Hypertext In The Classroom

Alan Purves will discuss two courses he has developed and taught using the
Storyspace hypertext writing environment -- a course in literature, and a
course in the history of literacy in relation to culture and technology. Both
courses have been taught for two years; results of the initial efforts will be

Alan C. Purves is Director of the Center for Writing and Literacy and Professor
of Education and Humanities at The University of Albany, State University of
New York. A specialist in English literature, literary theory, and composition
and their assessment, and in the effects of technology on literacy, Purves
developed a culturally neutral coding scheme to examine the written
responses of students and teachers to literary works, which is used by
researchers around the world and which has been translated into seven
languages. He is currently working on a study of hypertext and its impact on
religion and culture.

Live on Stage: Women, Hypertext and Violence

Kathryn Cramer will discuss the new possibilities offered by hypertext for
exploring issues of gender and violence through her hypertext dark fantasy,In
Small and Large Pieces, the work of the hi-pitched voices project in the
Hypertext Hotel MOO, her new short hypertext, **LIVE ON STAGE!**, and
Subpoena Vacation, a work in progress. forthcoming from Eastgate Systems.
She will discuss commercial, political, aesthetic, and technological issues
surrounding these timely and controversial issues.

Kathryn Cramer, a noted anthologist and editor, has emerged as an important
new hypertext writer. Her new hypertext, In Small and Large Pieces, has
been widely praised, and her discussion of electronic publishing, Revenge of
the Androids: Hypermedia and the Transformation of Publishing, won high
praise at Eastgate's recent conference, Beyond The Electric Book. Cramer
applies her extensive knowledge of the realities of conventional publishing to
identify the ways interlinked electronic media will transform writing, editing,
and bookselling.

"Cramer has deconstructed the novel (shards of Carrol, Joyce and
the Splatterpunks) most originally and invites us to look over the
pieces, small and large. There's everything the modern reader
could want, including an erotic unicorn ride, a messy divorce, a
quarrel, a bubble bath and a murder. For the medically inclined,
there is the most gruesome reconciliation sequence since
Reanimator. Highly Recommended!" -- Terry Bison, author of
Bears Discover Fire.

"[Kathryn Cramer writes] things no sane human being can
understand." - Bruce Sterling, Short Form

Read hypertexts and create new hypertext under the expert guidance of
Joyce, Cramer, Purves. With a special guest appearance from Mark Bernstein,
Eastgate's chief scientist and designer of the new Storyspace for Windows.


Saturday, 18 March 1995
The Tribute Room
School of Education
University of Michigan
9:30am - 4:30 pm. Registration opens 9:00 am.
Before March 1: $175
After March 1: $195
Full-time students: $95


- Eastgate Systems, Inc.

- The University Of Michigan Press

- Shaman Drum Bookshop, Ann Arbor


Eastgate Systems, Inc. (800) 562-1638 from US and Canada
(617) 924-9051

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Attendance will be strictly limited to ensure plenty of quality discussion and a
fully interactive experience. Early reservations are strongly advised.
Substitutions will be freely accepted.

Cancellations will be accepted if received in writing and postmarked no later
than March 1. Unforseen circumstances may require changes in the program;
dates and locations are subject to change or cancellation at our discretion.

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