Two articles from alt.hypertext

Kevin 'Kev' Hughes (kevinh)
Thu, 3 Mar 94 20:00:11 PST

They're a bit old, but still relevant.

-- Kevin


> From: Dave Poindexter <> > Subject: Opinions wanted: The Future of the Book?? > Date: 12 Jan 1994 16:28:36 GMT > Organization: Supercomputer Computations Research Inst.

I'm posting this for our university gallery, I'm not directly associated with this project.

Call for opinions, musings, and testimonials regarding The Future of the Book of the Future

How will the future book manifest the continued creation!and dissemination of knowledge and creativity? Please write your thoughts and research to e-mail: We are curating an exhibition for the Florida State University Gallery which will be a discussion and exposition on the state of the book and the effect of computers, cd-roms and networks on books.

We will take the correspondance and post it in the gallery onto a mock bulletin board. This will expose anyone and everyone to what you think about the future of the book.

This mailbox will expire on April 15, e-mail us today...thanks in advance.


> From: (Thomas Wallace Colthurst) > Subject: Collected Stories Now Available Via WWW > Date: 12 Jan 1994 18:43:34 GMT > Organization: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A collection of my prose stories is now available via WWW at the URL address:

Not only have the stories been edited for WWW, but they have also been hyperlinked and indexed to some extent. For instance, you can now easily read all of my stories in which, say, Eric Scheirer appears.

Your comments are welcomed and encouraged. A similar system for the collected works of RICHH is now under construction.

-Thomas C