Welcome again to the www-literature mailing list!

Kevin 'Kev' Hughes (kevinh)
Thu, 3 Mar 94 16:04:40 PST

For those of you who have subscribed to this list or
tried to post within the last few weeks: this list is back in operation!
The mailing list software has been completely rehauled,
(using custom EIT list software, no doubt) but should you encounter
any problems at all, please send email to me at kevinh@eit.com.
To unsubscribe, send email to www-literature-request@eit.com
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...this includes archives of the www-courseware list and
the Zoomer PDA list.

What is this list about?

It's generally about issues concerning both literature and
the World-Wide Web. This means talk about past, present, or future
literature on the Web, issues related to writing in an online
environment, integrating materials into a hypermedia format, and so on.
This list currently has about 130 members from all over -
universities, companies, folks in the Web community, and other
interested parties. Let's hear what you have to say!

-- Kevin

Kevin Hughes * kevinh@eit.com
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