re: Religion in England Web

David Stevenson (
Mon, 10 Jan 94 23:17:04 EST

Regarding porting...

"Porting" is just a nice way to say "tediously cut-and-pasted."
In both instances, the text itself was copied and pasted, the links
were rebuilt manually. In the second port, from Storyspace to WWW,
I made templates of the basic document structure, and all relative links,
(all this in Author/Editor, a SGML editor for the Mac), and then cut
the text out of the Storyspace version and pasted it into the SGML
document. Pretty laborious, but that's what being an undergraduate/
research assistant/ peon is all about. More info on the SGML stuff
is availible off the RIE overview...
I'd love to be able to do all this mechanically, but I hold little hope
for the present...



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