Religion in England Web

David Stevenson (
Fri, 7 Jan 94 21:04:43 EST

Dear WWW courseware and literature folks,

There is now a web on Religion in England up. The web is a port from
The macintosh product Storyspace, ans was ported from the now-defunct
Intermedia system to storyspace. The web is a collection of interlinked
essays on religion, particularly definitions of the types and differences
in English religions. In its native format, the web is a part of a large
corpus of materials on Victorian literature; any essay referencing a
religion would contain a link to the appropriate contextual materials.
Even alone, however, the materials comprise a pretty good reference work.

The web is pretty no-frills, no glamorous photos or movies; in exchange it
works very quickly and easily. all production work was done in the course of
three or four days, using SoftQuad's Author/Editor 2.2 for Macintosh.
Someplace there's an essay describing the construction of the web, and
the appropriate HTML dtd and a rules file for A/E.

Take a look. it's:

Any comments would be welcome, either in this forum (which has been pretty
dead...) or via private email.

The web was produced as a final product for George P. Landow's Hypertext
and Literary Theory course at Brown University.



David Stevenson
Box 1275, Brown University, Providence, RI 02912