Re: <PAGE> proposal (A new idea)

Lambert (
Fri, 29 Dec 1995 00:32:05 -0400

>Clearly, the word "screenful" implies a display of some kind. HTML ignores
>it probably because such an object has nothing to do with the structure of
>an HTML document. I'm not usre if there's anything to "correct" here. The
>proper place for it seems to be in style sheets (given the desire to
>achieve such an effect).

A tag to directly control the display of a page is illegal ccordining to
HTML and SGML. So instead, howow about proposing an <ANSWER></ANSWER> tag.
This would tell the browser to hide it, until the user wants see it. The
browser could perform this hiding in many ways. A browser could display it
as a blank box, which the user would click on to see whats "underneath."
This tag woube legal, I think. It tells the browser what type of an element
it is (an answer), and wouldn't tell the browser how to display it.