Re: www in URL's??

Abigail (
Thu, 28 Dec 1995 07:07:51 +0100 (MET)

You, Barry Kopulos wrote:
++ here is something I would like to know:
++ Why are some addresses in URL's with a preface of www and others do not.?
++ Why all of a sudden are we going to not usingt he www int he addresses.?

Well, that's very simple. Recently, we moved all our WWW pages from
one machine to another. In stead of a couple of thousands of links not
working anymore, and every one having their business cards reprinted,
we just moved the alias '' from '' to
'' and noone had to complain. Similary, we have
'', '', '', ''. Easy to
remember, and we can move the service from one machine to another
without customers noticing.

++ Finally does anyone have a shortcut name when using www as it appears ina
++ lmost every URl I have come across. Aha-how about w cubed whenever I refer
++ to 3 w's in front of a URL.

No idea. 'w' is just one syllable in Dutch. :)

++ When are we going to get some final standards on this??

Standards? RFC 1996 "On the pronouncation of WWW"?