Re: A lurker speaks up.../ HTML Reference

Ian S. Graham (
Sat, 23 Dec 95 16:01:57 EST

> [edit]
> > Is there, anywhere, a list of all the tags in the known universe with
> > provenances and compatibility information attached?
> Yes, labored in this vineyard for many months, and gave
> forth the excellent Happy
> Holidays, Michael, if you're tuned in....
> Of course, like all we writers about this stuff, he was aiming at a very
> rapidly-moving target so it's not perfect.

I modified Earl Hood's dtd2html report generator and have placed,
on line, a description of 'strict' HTML 2, strict 3 as well as the Netscape
DTD as inferred by Dan Connolly and Mark Gaither. It is complementary
to Michael Hannah's work, but certainly not a nice one-document summary!
It is best for looking at allowed element nestings, or for allowed
attribute values. If you find it useful (as I do) please let me
know, and I will endeavour to keep it up-to-date -- I will rerun the
new HTML 2.0 dtd early in the new year (I still need to go xmas
shopping) The URL is:


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