HTML Publishing [was: Lurker self-introduction ]

Daniel W. Connolly (
Fri, 22 Dec 1995 15:39:45 -0500

In message <>, "Eric S. Raymond" writes:
>I am very interested in dual-mode publishing, using the same markup for
>hypertext and typesetting for paper. I am accordingly interested in HTML
>enhancements that permit it to carry all the information (in conjunction
>with style sheets and/or rendering filters) needed to do production-
>quality typesetting.
>I am heavily involved in Linux development (I co-maintain one of the
>Linux core libraries, ncurses).
>I have a strong background in language, interpreter, and compiler
>design. I have been thinking about hypertext systems for many years
>and have written or co-written at least three, one of which (VH) is
>still in active use on the net. I'm also intimately familiar with
>many text-formatting tools, including {gtn}roff, pic, tbl, eqn, TeX,
>Texinfo, and Scribe.

Ah... a man after my own heart.

This reminds me of a set of issues I'm wrestling with regarding
maintenance and publishing of W3C spec. Please see:

Document Management for Web Specs
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