Re: A lurker speaks up...

Stuart Harris (
Fri, 22 Dec 1995 07:57:16 -0800 (PST)

> Is there, anywhere, a list of all the tags in the known universe with
> provenances and compatibility information attached?
Yes, labored in this vineyard for many months, and gave
forth the excellent Happy
Holidays, Michael, if you're tuned in....

Of course, like all we writers about this stuff, he was aiming at a very
rapidly-moving target so it's not perfect.


> If I were to build
> a browser or authoring tool, how would I know what to implement and when to
> stop?

Here's the reality. If you were to build a browser, you'd be the nerd who did
all the work and had none of the power. All those decisions would be made for
you by financial officers, attorneys, VPs of Marketing, 18-year old advertising
"executives" and pollsters.

Stu Harris