Re: Revision information for HTML documents

Ian S. Graham (
Thu, 21 Dec 95 16:12:25 EST

> Ian S. Graham writes:
> ] I like this example also, but -- having initiated this whole INS/DEL=20
> ] discussion, would like to point out that computer code is not the=20
> ] only place this INS/DEL is relevant -- in fact,
> ] code is probably the least important, in the long run. My particular
> ] interest was for legal or other text documents, where the reader needs=20
> ] to see the insertions and deletions marked appropriately (struck out,=20
> ] highlighted, etc) so I *need* information about the differences present=
> =20
> ] in some way in the document itself. I also want these differences=20
> the document, in this case, is the RCS file (,v), and that contains
> all the information you want, probably lots more, but that's mostly good.

Yes, this is all true, but does this scale to japanese text, unicode
character sets, multilingual environments, etc. This is what I mean
by long term, and I don't think RCS is necessarily or easiliy extensible
for these environments.

I still think the RCS idea is good -- I'm simply not convinced that
it is the best long-term solution for a fully internationalized web.


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