Re: partial URLs ? (was <p> ... </p>)

Gregory Woodhouse (
Wed, 20 Dec 1995 13:03:23 -0800

At 03:24 PM 12/20/95 -0500, wrote:
I try to design my web sites to be as location independent as possible. That
is, I use relative URLs internally. I also like to keep CGI scripts, buttons
and other images in separate directories. I sometimes include something like
the following in my HTML

<!--Uncomment the next line before uploading!-->
<base href="">

so that I can test out my web pages locally before uploading them to the
server. These <base> tags need to be modified when the page is moved, at
least it is centralized.

Now, it occurs to me that there could be something like a <global_base>
which would be a bound beyond which ".." elements in relative URLs would not
be allowed to go.

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