ContentS of HTML Containers

Michael J Hannah (
Wed, 20 Dec 1995 10:46:14 +0700

It is absolutely correct that the proper place to look for the
official answer of what is allowed with the content of a given
HTML element is the DTD in the approved RFC 1866. It takes only
a short time to learn this DTD notation.

However, for a "non-official" answer you might check my Reference
Manual for HTML. I do my best to keep it current and correct.

Looking up the <P> element in the list of elements it specifies that
the contents of P can contain members of group "text". If you follow
the hyperlinks, you will find that the "text" group does not include
the "list" group. Therefore the <UL> implies the end of the paragraph.

The DTD is the official source, but for a quick check you might find
my Reference Manual a faster way to find the information.

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