Re: partial URLs ? (was <p> ... </p>)

Walter Ian Kaye (
Tue, 19 Dec 1995 13:51:25 -0800

At 1:19p 12/19/95, BearHeart/Bill Weinman wrote:
>At 10:40 am 12/19/95 -0800, Walter Ian Kaye wrote:
>><A HREF="index.html"><IMG SRC="../gifs/btnhome3.gif" ALT="[Home]"
>><A HREF="../map.html"><IMG SRC="../gifs/btnmap3.gif" ALT="[Index]"
>>(I'm gonna be changing the form and cgi soon, btw, cuz Lynx doesn't like
>>partial URLs -- tho' Netscape handles this form perfectly.)
> The problem with the parial URLs may be the "../" references.
> Some servers, and perhaps some browsers too, disallow them because
>they've been abused to get around security measures.

No, Bill, the gifs are fine -- they come *after* the </FORM>. Of course,
the current AOL browser (Intercon Netshark-based) passes the popup
*contents* instead of the values, which is a lot worse than Lynx's
difficulty... ;-)


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