Re: <p> ... </p>

Chuck Foster (
Tue, 19 Dec 1995 12:53:36 +0000


I seem to have started an argument over the definition of paragraphs - oops!

However, nobody actually answered my query about where the <p> / </p>
should be used, in relation to things like <ul>, <ol>, even <form> etc!

I try to use </P> generally, though I know it is optional - I might
start to omit it in order to make some documents smaller (well its
four bytes shorter per paragraph!). However, its where it *is* needed
and where <p> should be used that confuses me.

Is it:
<p> ... <ul> ... </ul> ... </p>
<p> ... </p> <ul> ... </ul> <p> ... </p>

One might even just have:

<p> ... <ul> ... <p> ... (though people will shout about no </ul>!)

The other thing that I am unsure of is the centering of tables. I
would guess that the correct way would be to use:

<table align=center>

though I haven't used a browser that recognised that so far. Netscape
needed: <center><table> and Mosaic needed <p align=center><table>
(which NS doesn't recognise).

I think <table align=right> was to allow text to flow around the left
of a table wasn't it? If so, what happens when some bright spark does
things like <p align=center><img align=left><table align=right> ...