links and cgi-bin output

Philippe-Andre Prindeville (
Tue, 19 Dec 95 07:22:29 +0100


This may be a simple question, but... It isn't at all obvious to me.

I have a cgi script that translates a document into HTML, and
inserts link points into it in the form of <dt id="..."> and <p id="...">.
So far, simple enough. The document may have many of these...

Now, when I generate a reference to one of these link points within
the document,

<a href="">

which is supposed to run the converter script for "word=run", and go to the
anchor <p id="V.3."> within that document, this doesn't seem to work...

Am I missing something? Can't you make a reference to an arbitrary
point in a URL when the URL is a CGI script output? Does this only work
for precomputed (ie. static) documents? I thought the positioning took
place within the browser, anyway...

What gives?