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Walter Ian Kaye (
Mon, 11 Dec 1995 23:02:32 -0800

At 6:20p 12/11/95, Amitabh Saran wrote:
>I was wondering if the following 2 things/features
>have been implemented (or are worth implementing)
>at the browser/html level...
>1. Getting a hardcopy of a html document e.g., journal paper,
> which is organized like a book.. the first page is the
> Index, with links to the Sections.. each Section has a link
> to Sub-Sections etc... Right now, I need to click at each
> Section/Sub-Section and give a PRINT from the browser to
> print the page. Is there a way to do that at the document
> level.. i.e., just PRINT the URL of the document? This
> however, does not mean that ALL the references/hyper-links
> in the paper should be printed too - just the sections etc!!!

You might be able to write a script to pull out the desired information.

>2. Accessing a URL recursively, but BOTTOM-UP : Consider the
> scenerio - I need to access a paper at the following URL
> After reading, I need to access "bar.html" under the "1995"
> part. Is there a way I can traverse the URL and look at the
> pages before.. something like the "cd ../bar.html" thing?
> This could be extended to go right up to another user without
> having to Cut and Paste and Open a new URL - something like
> a Back-URL click.

What I do in Netscape is select the text at the end of the current URL (up
in the Location textbox -- set Preferences to show it) and hit BackSpace to
delete it, and then I hit [return]. Takes 2 seconds. :)

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