Extension to <BQ>, etc.

Philippe-Andre Prindeville (philipp@res.enst.fr)
Sun, 10 Dec 95 10:55:17 +0100

I was just thinking that sometimes it is handy to hang a tag (exdented)
off of a block-quote such as:

[0.2] Les femmes s'impatientaient. -- On monte? qu'elles demandaient
toutes les cinq minutes (...) Alors ils mont&egrave;rent,
foutirent et redescendirent continuer &agrave; boire.

(pardon the rather vulgar citation, but it was handy...) Could
this be done with a tag="value" parameter to <bq>?

I caught myself using <dl> because this gave me the right "look",
but on second thoughts it was just a misuse of the list function.

Also, on another subject: it would be nice to have things like
right arrow (->), double right arrow (=>), left arrow, double
left arrow, diamond, star, bullet, empty bullet, etc. as these
are sometimes useful for indicating a hyperlink, or just for
making text stand out. One could use gifs, but this really
should scale to fit the size of the accompanying text. I
sometimes use arrows for flagging synonyms, etc. ie:

hit => strike, beat, batter.

Where "strike", "beat", and "batter" would each by hyperlinks
to the definitions of those words. A double arrow means
"see synonym" in this case. A single arrow could mean "see

Would it be much trouble to include some "dingbat" like
entities in HTML 3.0?