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Harold A. Driscoll (
Thu, 07 Dec 1995 18:50:39 +0000

In theory, you can use whatever format of inline images you want--as long as
the folks viewing your pages have browsers which support them. Of linked
images as well, for that matter.

The gotcha is that most browsers support XBM and GIF, and _some_ (but an
increasing number) support JPEG. Some have or have promised to support other
formats such as Adobe's PDF.

Browsers vary in the quality of the graphics display, in terms of how many
variations they support, as well as their performance. For example, Netscape
for Windows supports more variations on the GIF format then Microsoft's
flagship word processor can import, yet Netscape is much slower to display
(render) the graphics than some popular Shareware graphics conversion programs.

The simple answer is, yes, there certainly are conversion routines
available. For Microsoft Windows they include commercial products such as
HiJaak and Shareware programs such as LView Pro and Graphics Workshop.
Similar products exist on other platforms. (Hopefully new or future versions
of such tools will include an option which optimizes for best Web
versatility, grin.)

Your best bet may well be to find a local graphics guru, bribe her/him with
lunch or hire them (depending on the nature of your task), and pick their
brain for tricks of the trade and useful tools.

There are a number of good collections of graphics available. Some are
truely public domain, but you'll want to exercise appropriate caution
regarding legal rights, particularly if you are putting up a commercial
site. You can find links to many of them from the HTML Writers Guild pages as well as from links from links [from links ...]
from the home pages of popular Web browsers. Also, many of the collections
have links among themselves.

At 12:11 7/12/95 GMT, you wrote:
>Hi, i'm a html composer, and I use hotdog, till now I' ve always used te
>first version o fnetscape to see my productions and i couldn't see the
>amazing graphic we can put on the background.
>Now I' ve got the latest version and I would like to know where to find some
>gif images to use in my work.
>Another question is: sometime the jpeg images we get on the net aren't
>recognized by other programs, WHY?
>I image there are two or three kind of jpeg images, but in this case is it
>avaliable a converter?
> Carlo Bruno
Harold A. Driscoll
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