RE: Need HTML Viewer for local fles - Please Help

Cedric Tefft (
Tue, 05 Dec 95 18:26:00 PST

You CAN use Netscape to view local files. Here's two ways to do it.

1) Use Netscape's MOZOCK.DLL It is a WINSOCK.DLL replacement that allows
calls, but has no true network capabilities. It is made for EXACTLY what
you want to do. It's available on Netscape's FTP sites, one of which is Also download the
mozock.txt file from the same directory.

2) If you're using Trumpet Winsock, you can simply load it and not make a
connection (or abort the login process if it's automatic). SLIP is normally
enabled before you dial out, so as long as you don't try to access any
network URL's, you'll be fine. This is actually the method I use, but if
you're not using Trumpet, I would recommend using MOZOCK.
> From: www-html-request
> To: www-html
> Subject: Need HTML Viewer for local fles - Please Help
> Date: Tuesday, December 05, 1995 10:34PM
> Im looking for an html viewer for the Windows 3.1 environment that I can
> use to view local files. I have found that Netscape requires a PPP/SLIP
> connection to be present in order to start up. The problem with this is
> that I will be loggin1 time on my internet provider if I do it this way.
> The html editor I am using does not provide a viewer.