Re: Enhancements to html forms

Marc Salomon (
Tue, 28 Nov 1995 10:52:06 -0800

Steve <> writes:

|Attaching a client-side script (aka applet) to the form is a general way of
|achieving your aims. The latest release of SurfIt!, v0.4a, has support
|for client-side scripting for forms. Check out:

I disagree. One big win for HTML has been that it puts simple GUI design in
the hands of document authors instead of restricting it to programmers. Issues
of applet language encumberance and security aside, languages such as Java or
safetcl will still require a degree of programming expertise that experience
has shown is not required to design a simple GUI.

|Unfortunately, applet-enabled browsers are not in wide deployment as yet,
|but it looks like they will be in time (Java-enabled browsers at any rate...)

This is no reason not to revisit and complete the hastily implemented suite of
HTML GUI primitives.


Marc Salomon