Re: Proposition on advanced URL features (Request for comments)

Eric Gauthier (
Mon, 27 Nov 1995 16:50:01 -0500 (EST)


Just one comment about the format you've suggested.
I think that there will be a bit of confusion, although
nothing overly complex to a good html writer. That is,
you've tried to have a line number used in your
hyper-reference. Well, I'm assuming that line x is
begins with the first character after the x'th line-feed
character. This might get confusing when different browsers
display things on different lines - or if the person
doesn't put a line-feed. For example, what if I did the

Hello <img src="foo.gif"> Document 1.

And, I know that the image foo.gif is large enough to
force document 1 to be on a separate line. Then, you
might have difficulty in using a line number to accesses
this information. But, as you noted, one could always
access it by using the keyword /Document 1/ . Just thought
I'd point this out in case no one had thought of it...

Eric Gauthier