Re: Progress on HTML 3 (acrobat, applets)

Carl Benker (
Thu, 9 Nov 95 11:28:03 CST

>> >> acrobat, acrobat, acrobat......
>> >Coming soon to a Unix platform near you (but not very soon)
>> If by this you mean that acrobat is not available on Unix platforms, you
>> are mistaken.
>Nope. The *current* (version 2.0) Acrobat reader is available for:
>* Intel based PCs running MS-Windows 3.x or greater (possibly also NT, not sure)
>* 68k Macs (or emulation on PowerPC) with MacOS 7.x
>That is all.
>> It is definitely available at least for the Sun/X platform
>Version 1.0 is available for SunOS 4.1.3 - it does not do searching, it has
>printing problems, and is not being further developed.

<opinion on>
I am not the author of the original message, but your tone seems
inappropriate for what should be a simple discussion IMHO.
<opinion off>

There *IS* a version of Acrobat Reader 2.1 for HPUX, Solairs, and SunOS.
Look at You should check
your sources before you lash out at someone. It would only make sense
in this mailing list about the WWW to check out the Adobe WWW site.
Treat thy neighbor as you would have them.........


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