RE: Client side file push

Fisher Mark (
Fri, 03 Nov 95 09:40:00 PST

Ram Austryjak Moskovitz writes in <>:
>Now is this implemented yet? I tried this on a traditional (1.1n) browser:
>it gives a form with a text field but doesn't actuall post the file (I
>mention this for illustrative purposes only). I tried the same thing with
>an 2.0b1 and I get the same, but without the text entry field! I don't
>what to make of this. It seems either a) not fully implemented yet, b) the
>filename must be set as a default value, or, c) a need a form to get the
>name to return a form with the name as the default so they can submit it...
AFAIK, Netscape 2.0b1 is the first browser in wide distribution to support
this. However, at least in 2.0b1J for Windows NT, the code is pretty badly
broken (no text field or list box for the file name, and it memory faults
also). I am anxiously awaiting 2.0b2J to try this out.
Mark Leighton Fisher Thomson Consumer Electronics Indianapolis, IN