Proposal For Button Enhancements + Re: Proposal: Default Button on Forms

Simon Y. Blackwell (
Thu, 02 Nov 1995 11:09:54 -0800

Paul W. Barber wrote:
> I would like to suggest that there be a way of indicating a default
> Button on a Fill-out Form.
> When a form has multiple Text areas, it would be helpful to be able
> to indicate a default Button. This could possible by implemented as
> such:
> <INPUT TYPE="submit" DEFAULT="True" VALUE="Submit">

Perhaps <INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Submit" DEFAULT> would be more
appropriate since it is more in line with the current style for
other form controls, e.g. <INPUT TYPE="radio" VALUE="Submit" CHECKED>

While we're at it, how about a modification which would allow the
text displaed on the button to be different from the value, e.g.

<INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="RunQuery MyQuery" VALUE="Ok">

It would also seem to be a simple matter to add the "&" Control Key
specification technique ala MS Windows, e.g. "&Ok" results in
an underlined "O" in the Ok displayed and sets Ctrl-O to simulate
clicking the button.