Re: Is an HTML BBS feasible?

ed van ness (
Thu, 26 Oct 1995 16:05:22 -0600

> >I would like to start a user-friendly, Web-based bulletin board system which
> >would allow people to take part in discussions using only their Web browser.
> >
> ...
> >
> >Is the concept feasible or have I missed something? Has anyone seen something
> >like this in practice?
> Yes, Mike Dilworth, (Dept. Information Science, City University,
> Northampton Square, London.) has a nice little system at:

Sites like this are proliferating rapidly. I would also point you to
Cold Fusion-based solutions. Two examples: (go to Developer Conference) (go to Join Discussion Group)

I am not affiliated with Allaire but participated in the construction
of City Pages.

Cold Fusion is an NT development tool for web-database integration,
developed by Allaire.

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