Re: where are *WORKING* archives of www-html mailing list?

gilles bellavance (
Wed, 18 Oct 1995 21:06:52 -0700 (PDT)

On Wed, 18 Oct 1995, Murray Altheim wrote:

> Tony Bowden <> writes:
> >Yet time and time again I've had people complain when something goes wrong
> >with a mailing list or a web site isn't quite up to date....
> I sympathise. As author of a *freeware* HTML editor, most of my users are
> very kind, considerate and helpful. I appreciate 98% of them.....
> Having been on the Internet since about 1982, I've watched the culture
> change....

I also sympathise with both of you but I don't have any great actions to
put forward that would show that I am also suffering the degradation. I
am from the silent majority gang and as such I very rarely raise my hand to
speek. I look at net-discussions more like students in a class look at
teachers in front talking about their research. I hope that I am not
vampiring the net for lack of contribution. I can assure you that we
appreciate your work and we pray that you have the courage to keep on
the good work. I understand that this isn't much but I guess life is
like that, either you fight "in front" and you feel alone or you lower your
arms and something is lost. I hope this does not sound too "priestic".
Even if the net is not what it was, never forget that there are
many neters that circulate without garbaging, of course we don't see the
garbage that are not thrown (actually if I could I would pick it up).

I sincerely hope that my humble voice from the silent majority will fuel
you a bit and keep you going.

- Gilles