Re: Status of MS HTML - are they participating

Albert Lunde (
Tue, 10 Oct 1995 15:17:22 -0600

>How would HTML v3 handle "inline audio", if it can at all? Would <FIG> do
>this? If not, can someone think of a better way of handling it that could
>be added to the proposed standard? As it stands, it seems pretty
>straightforward to me:
><BGAUDIO SRC="file.[wav|au|mid]" LOOP="[n|0|INFINITE]">
>where 0 and INFINITE mean the same thing, and n is a positive integer. The
>only thing I might want to add to it is an attribute that says "keep playing
>or looping this audio file while viewing children of this page" until the
>file finishes, or the loop count is reached, or another <BGAUDIO> tag is
>encountered. Um, might be a good idea to discontinue playback if the user
>leaves the site entirely, too. :)

As many people have noted in the past, we don't need 2 dozen tags for
in-line inclusion of various "things", and the transport for all the
"things" need not be http (with appropriate URL schemes defined.)

I think the work to make a more general SGML definition of EMBED is the
most recent effort to address this. (but I think similar issues were
raised with respect to Java applets, FIG, and even IMG.)

I don't recall seeing any Microsoft proposals on the html-wg list.

    Albert Lunde