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Michael McCulley (Michael_McCulley@corp.dialog.com)
Thu, 5 Oct 1995 09:05:55 -0700

The recent discussion of "hidden" HTML coding reminded me of this item, lurking
in my files from the newsgroup noted. I haven't checked it out, but it seems to
offer some solutions for this type of application.

I'd be curious if anyone has worked yet with W3MAGIC(tm).

P. Michael McCulley, Webmaster
Knight-Ridder Information, Inc.

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Subject: (fwd) Announce: New s/w makes it easy to develop dynamic pag
Date: 10/04/1995 23:12

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From: alweiner@clark.net (Alan Weiner)
Newsgroups: comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix
Subject: Announce: New s/w makes it easy to develop dynamic pages and WWW MIS
Date: 28 Aug 1995 05:48:29 GMT
Organization: GRYPHON Microproducts
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Developing eye-catching pages, creative storefronts and comprehensive MIS
on the WWW just
became simple!

HTML lets publishers design pages on the World Wide Web. However, it didn't
prov ide the tools to
develop management information systems -- until now.

Gryphon Microproducts is preparing to release W3MAGIC(tm), its MIS creation tool
for the World Wide
Web. W3MAGIC(tm) is a programming language that adds over 100 new high-level
ta gs and functions
to HTML, from animation and dynamic buttons to counters and user logs. It
developers to protect
their data AND CODE by encrypting it. Encrypted code can be executed just like
n ormal HTML, but
appears unintelligable when copied. The new language works with ALL browsers;
fact, with
W3MAGIC(tm), a single HTML page can adapt itself to different browsers.
W3MAGIC( tm) also
automatically handles important jobs like form processing and data validation.

With W3MAGIC(tm), it's easy to make pages stand out with special effects like
ani mation, wipes, fades
and pushes. It also lets web publishers gather valuable statistical information
about visitors to their page,
including counters and user identification by country, originating link, browser
type and pages accessed.
It can display random text, random GIFs and dynamically generated graphs, and
perform table
lookups. W3MAGIC(tm) has special features for shopping/storefront-type
operation s. There are tags to
place merchandise into a virtual shopping cart, put things back, review selected
items, and
take your "cart" to other servers for secure processing

Form development and processing is another area facilitated by W3MAGIC(tm).
Deve lopers can use the
language to define various types of data, including integer, floating point,
date , character, and logical
fields. It easily handles modifiers like "required" (to specifiy that a field
mu st be entered), "range" (to
specify the minimum and maximum data value allowed), and "valid" (to specify
vali dation criterion).
Data can be directed to ASCII-files, sent by e-mail, and in some versions,
writte n directly into databases.
There are also features such as variables, templates, subroutines,
page-diagnosti cs, and conditional logic
which which simplify system design and maintenance -- all in HTML.

The W3MAGIC(tm) page has a number of sample programs all written using
W3MAGIC(tm ) tags
including an interactive hexidecimal color calculator with color names, a game
de monstrating dynamic
image mapping, a sample shopping-cart application, a chat-room, a real-time log
viewer, and some
interesting animation effects... Check it out at:



http://www.fox.net/~w3magic/ (after Sept 18th)

W3MAGIC(tm) will cost $399 starting October 1, 1995. As a special promotional
i ncentive, prepaid
orders received before October 1st will cost $199. Visa and Mastercard
W3MAGIC(tm) is
available for Solaris, Sun, PC Linux, BSDI Unix, AIX, BSDI, FreeBSD, and Novell
U nix. An account
with cgi-bin access is required to use this product. You can reach us by
at alweiner@clark.net.