practical HTML

Peter Johnston (
Mon, 25 Sep 1995 19:29:45 -0800

Is there any list that deals with *not*(setting a various standards in HTML
(boring theory stuff for me- an enthusiast who desperately is trying to
learn some stuff and thought these guys are gurus ,they will know some cool
stuff and hopefully pass it on to us young people)but actally helps its
users PRACTICALLY?If the answer is yes please tell me their name and how do
you find them.Thanx.Here is a little poem I wrote for U <html>guys and
gels! HTML gurus are here to stay coz they bloody won't go away. 2.0,3.0.4,0.Netscape,Mosaic,URL and Lynx and Faster than my ole granny's fucking minx Webby webby web-Oh digital God please ! Let me escape from the netscape!