graphic loading trouble.

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Wed, 20 Sep 95 15:48:09 GMT

I am running cern's server package on our unix machine. My trouble is
that when the graphic images appear they are only loading about 50-80% of
the picture and then placing a black bar through the rest.
Here's me setup.
From the outside comming into the college's web site there
are no problems. Everthing loads and runs fine. From the college's internal
network we have our campus networked using Banyan Vines network software. From
there the offices connect to our unix box where CERN'S server is running.
CERN'S server forwards the connections to our WEB Site outside the fire wall
which is running on a PC.
Everything works fine on the internal network connection with the exceptionof the graphics. Does anyone have any ideas on what the problem might be?
Some of the graphics which were done in low resolution BMP format and converted
to a GIF format work fine, but the scanned immages and high resolution BMP
converted to GIF files have the loading problem.
Thank you for your time,
Sean P. O'Connor
The College of Saint Rose
(518) 454-2054