A proposal for addition to HTML 3.0: EMBED

Alex Edelstein (alexed@netscape.com)
Tue, 19 Sep 1995 20:03:45 -0700

This is the second in a set of proposals that Netscape is submitting for
consideration by IETF and W3.

Note: We are holding off on submitting officially to the RFC Editor until we can
work up some adequate DTD ATTLIST and ELEMENT definitions. Actually, we're
looking around a bit for DTD experts...

To respond at an admittedly superficial level to several issues recently raised
about Netscape's support for EMBED:

We believe that there is some justification in increasing the size and
redundancy of the specification if the result will be specific enhanced
usability. To this end, we think that EMBED is more straightforward and more
easily understood and implemented by the <em>average</em> content developer than
the proposed alternative to provide REL support for A tags. We're not holding
ourselves up to be some grand altruistic bunch of usability-zealots. We merely
believe that in this particular case, the proposal here is appropriate.

Additional marketing-oriented material that shows a specific implementation of
EMBED is available at:

Alex Edelstein

INTERNET-DRAFT John Giannandrea
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A Proposed Extension to HTML: Embed

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EMBED allows for the embedding of arbitary objects.


The EMBED tag allows the insertion of arbitrary objects directly into
an HTML page. Embedded objects are supported by application-specific plug-ins.
EMBED can take arbitrary attributes.

The following general attributes are defined on EMBED:
SRC (required) - Specifies source URL.

HEIGHT - The object's image will be scaled to fit the specified height
and width.

WIDTH - The object's image will be scaled to fit the specified height
and width.

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