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Sorry it's taken me so long to respond. I've been away from my keyboard.

Dear Common Knowledge Seeker:

Now I can take check in livre pound L see below the price list

Thank you for your interest in DiscNet(tm), which gives subscribers
all the Usenet discussion groups we can find, and all of the postings
to those groups that are intended for worldwide distribution, on
compact disc (CD-ROM) for around $10 per disc. Discs are produced
mounthly, or more often as the volume of information requires.

I have enclosed a list of frequently asked questions that will give
you lots of details about us. I have also enclosed a subscription form
which will give us lots of details about you.

Thanks again for your interest in us. I look forward to seeing you on
the net.


Le Roy Seabastien

Frequently Asked Questions about DiscNet(tm)

What is DiscNet(tm)?

DiscNet(tm) is a service of Common Knowledge Publishing, Inc, which
seeks to make the practical benefits of the Internet affordable to
average users, by distributing "the heart and soul of the Internet",
the Usenet discussion groups, on CD, as well as to distribute the most
useful of the information made publicly available on the net. CKP
also provides free UUCP access to subscribers. UUCP is a program which
runs on IBM compatible PC's, Macintoshes, and UNIX systems, and lets
them transfer electronic mail and Usenet postings to and from CKP.

What is the Internet?

The Internet refers to a large collection of computer systems around
the world that interact with each other using the internet protocol,
typically over leased telephone lines. The ability of large segments
of the academic and research communities to communicate using this
network has given birth to a broad range of discussions, and large
archives of useful information. Access to the Internet has
historically been for the rich only -- large well funded universities,
government entities, and major high tech companies. This has begun to
change, but it is still the case for most people that useful access is
prohibitively expensive. It is this cost barrier that DiscNet(tm)
attempts to bridge.

Why have Usenet on CD?

Convenience, bandwidth, archives, privacy , censorship, and cost,
are all great reasons. Handling a newsfeed is a pain, and backing it
up is both troublesome and expensive. CD is a cheap medium for storing
large volumes of information, and convenient to use. While you can't
use all of the information on the CD, you often don't know what you
will need until after you've already lost it. This gives you a
permanent archive you can use at your leisure without racking up
connect time charges or worrying about expiration.

How often do discs come out?

Whenever one is full! At current rates, we expect to produce between
1 and 2 a mounth

How stale is the disc by the time I get it?

Each disc will have several days worth of material, and producing
and shipping the disc takes about 5 days.

What newsgroups are included?

We include all of the newsgroups we can find, that are intended for
worldwide distribution. We do not do any editing, nor does any other
network provider. We reserve the right, of course, to comply with
whatever the law turns out to be.

What is the cost?

We charge $10 per disc. Subscriptions for 12 discs and 24discs are
available. A postage surcharge is assessed outside the US, and for PA
residents, there is a 6% sales tax.

Can I get a sample?

For $30, you can order a 2 disc sample set; the first disc is the
software, and the second is a typical installment.

Will it work on a Mac, PC, Unix system, Amiga, etc?
I recommend all of the freely redistributable news servers on cd.
Yes, all of the commonly available news groups are included.
Regarding the ASCII, yes, but that's subject to change. In the future
changes will be made and appropriate software will be available.

1) all of the freely redistributable news clients and servers will be
included on the first disc. Choices are a matter of taste, but gnus
and dxrn are probably good ones.

2) we do not edit the newsfeed. we try to obtain the most complete
feed we can. we work hard to comply with the author's wishes, by
including postings where the author has requested worldwide distribution.

3) yes, ascii. This may change in the future, with gzip compression
used to save space. If so, we will include software to make that

The discs themselves are ISO 9660 format, which will work with
everything. Software is included in the first disc of the subscription
which enables subscribers to use the information on a wide range of
platforms. If you have a particularly unusual system, talk to us.

What is Common Knowledge Publishing, Inc.?

Common Knowledge Publishing, Inc., was formed to provide the
DiscNet(tm) service, and to perform other services intended to make as
much information as possible as widely and cheaply available as

What about Copyrights?

We include in DiscNet(tm) items intended by their authors for
worldwide distribution. Network traffic travels over many physical
layers, ranging from fiber optic lines to satellite links to copper
wire to coaxial cable, as well as 4mm tape, 8mm tape, and countless
other physical media. Now, also, CD is an option.

Some of the people who have placed information on the net have
restricted its use. We believe our efforts are in harmony with their
goals, and are confident we can convince them to allow us to make
their work more widely available. We will make every effort to comply
with the law, and require our customers to agree to comply with the
law, as well, including respecting copyrights.

We explicitly disclaim any compilation copyrights to any DiscNet(tm)
products. Our goal is to see the information as widely available as

What about commercializing the Net? Why should Common Knowledge
Publishing, Inc, profit from the collective efforts of members of the
Internet community?

This question is a valid one, and deserves several layers of answer.
The most basic response is that we are providing a service that costs
money, carries risk, and involves full time effort. In addition,
please note that ANS, Uunet, and Netcom, not to mention MCI and Sprint
are all profitable organizations, wildly more profitable than we.

Moreover, we do not charge for the information on the disc. If we
were selling dog beds with the same production and distribution costs,
the price would be the same.

Our purpose is to reach people that don't have a personal T1
connection, and provide as much of the Internet benefits as widely and
as cheaply as we can. Businesses can't break even; ventures that
don't make money, lose money instead. The only way to provide this or
any other expensive service on a long term basis is by making it

Will the Federal Register, the Congressional Register, and other
government documents be included?

Not yet. The government has so far chosen to charge a ludicrous
amount of money for access to what should be public domain
material. There are indications that Newt Gingrich will change this,
so stay tuned.

How can I pay?

We can take cash, money orders, and checks. Corporate and Government
Purchase orders are acceptable with appropriate credit
references. Sorry, we can't take plastic yet.We accept French FRANCS and US
DOLLAR and english money L.

How do I get more information?

The quickest way to get information is via email, and fax. We have
recently put in place the software we need to be able to turn around
information requests most promptly when they come in those
forms. Please feel free to call or write, however.

Subscription Form

There are two possible subscriptions:

1) A 12 disc subscription,, at the rate of $10 per disc, plus tax in PA, and a
surcharge outside the USA, for a total of $132 in the US, and elsewhere it's

2) A sample set for $30 L, consisting of the first two discs of the
regular subscription.include 2 $ for postage in usa and elsewhere it's 4 $.

In each case the first disc sent will include lots of useful software,
including software for posting messages back to Usenet, and for
sending and receiving mail over UUCP. We provide free to subscribers,
on a best effort basis, UUCP connections to Common Knowledge
Publishing, and thus to the Internet. The second disc contains Usenet.

Type of subscription ordered:__________

Amount enclosed in or Francs or dollars or L :__________




City:__________ State:__________ Zip:__________

Email(if any):__________ Phone(if any):__________ Fax(if any):__________

Corporations and Government groups may submit purchase orders with approved

Invoice Contact Name:__________

Invoice Company:__________

Invoice Address:__________

Invoice City:__________ Invoice State:__________ Invoice Zip:__________

Invoice Phone:__________ Invoice Fax:__________ Purchase Order Number:_________

Credit reference #1:__________

Credit reference #2:__________

Credit reference #3:__________

All Invoices will be Mail out the day the purchase order is
received. Please Mail purchase orders to or send a
letter. Invoices are due, net receipt of invoice.

DiscNet(tm) is offered to provide an inexpensive Usenet physical
layer. As a subscriber or user of DiscNet(tm), you represent that no
laws would be violated by Common Knowledge Publishing in providing
this network connection to you, and agree to use any information they
contain in only lawful ways. Common Knowledge Publishing, Inc,
reserves the right to make any changes to the DiscNet(tm) product that
may be or become necessary in order to ensure compliance with any
applicable laws. Any conditions that may become necessary will be
included in a file called OFFER, and all such conditions become a part
of this agreement. No unreasonable conditions will be made, unless the
law requires it.

Signature:__________ Date:__________

Common Knowledge Publishing, Inc.
Le Roy Sebastien
FAX (33) 98 99 13 06

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