The WWW-Talk and WWW-HTML mail archives

Kevin Hughes (kevinh@eit.COM)
Wed, 23 Aug 95 17:40:14 PDT

You may have noticed that the WWW-Talk and WWW-HTML archives
have been moved from to EIT's main Web site. This
will make maintenance and conversion of the lists easier for us.
There are just a few points people should keep in mind:

From now on, when referring to an individual article or the
archives, they should use this URL:

...that keeps it short and memorable. Stanford is redirecting
traffic to this address.

Also, until the whole UR(whatever) issue is decided, all of
the URLs to individual articles should be regarded as *temporary*, or
at least as temporary as your average URL on the Web today is. :(

Also, I've made a little C program to convert Hypermail archives
(from both the LISP and C versions of Hypermail) into regular mail spool
files. This has allowed me to convert *all* of WWW-Talk (since '91)
and WWW-HTML into regular spool files. I'll be making them available
via our Web in the future. All of the hypertext archives are now in
one consistent format, and can be easily updated when a more beefier
version of Hypermail (or some other tool) appears.

We're also making archives of WWW-Style and WWW-VRML
available for now just to test things out. These should not be
considered permanent.

All of the aforementioned archives are searchable and are
updated daily. The search interface is available via the above URL
and the main search interface at


-- Kevin

Kevin Hughes *
Enterprise Integration Technologies Webmaster (
Hypermedia Industrial Designer * Duty now for the future!