<TXT SRC=""> ??

Toni Verdu (toni@songoku.udg.es)
Tue, 22 Aug 95 12:33:52 METDST

Hi! (Sorry about my poor english...)

I'm new to the list and I don't know if this has ben asked before, nor
if it exists some FAQ... If so, please point me towards it.

I would like to know if it's possible to include some text into an
HTML document in the same way as it's done with images. Having a tag like
<IMG SRC=""> i would like to have one like <TXT SRC="">. I know it doesn't
exist under actual HTML specs... but I don't know if it will in the future.
Are there any plans to implement that?

By now, the only approach I have seen is using a CGI to create a
graphic file with the chars you want to insert. It's used mainly for the
ubiquous "you are visitor number xxx...". But I don't like that solution,
and gives many problems, mainly with windows clients (I don't know why).

I'm about to create a CGI program that will create whole HTML documents
on the fly every time the server needs to serve them. I'll try to explain
myself: let's supose you have some document http://where/document.html. The
document have a line like "you are visitor number xxx", and that xxx I want
to be actualized every time the document is served. My idea is substitute
it by a cgi, so the document would be addressed as http://there/document.cgi,
and the cgi will create the whole "document.html", of course with xxx actualized.
What do you think about that approach?? Will I have problems?? (My main doubt
is to know if I'll have problems with tags like <IMG SRC=""> on the
document created on the fly... will the server serve it correctly?)

Well, I think that's all!. Sorry again for my poor english, and I hope
you can understand my problem. Any comment will be welcome.




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