Re: Why REL, REV for A?

Ian S. Graham (
Wed, 16 Aug 95 16:55:41 EDT

> Why does the A (anchor) element in the HTML 3 DTD have the
> %linkExtra?Attributes like REL, REV, TITLE, METHOD, etc.? And what should
> browsers do with them? The DTD doesn't seem to be clear on this point...

To explain the relationship associated with the link. E.g. REL="index"
might mean that the document you are linking to is an index related
to the current document. The values are not yet specified. Used
by an SCO browser of some sort, but by no-one else I know of.

The title of the target of the link, as it would be specified by at
TITLE element. Useful for FTP links, or links to plain text files.
A browser could use this as a preview of hte real title. It is
unused by all browsers I know of.

list of HTTP methods supported by the target of the link -- the browser
could huse this information to change the representation of the link.
As far as I know, there are no browsers that do anything with this

It is all explained in the HTML 2.0 specifications.....

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