Re: Parsing HTML using SGMLS and HTML.DTD

Joe English (
Sun, 13 Aug 1995 19:09:46 -0700

R J Partington <> wrote:

> I've got a problem trying to parse HTML using the `html.dtd'
> (comes with GF, written by Daniel W. Connolly :) using sgmls.

[ Aside: Dan Connolly didn't write GF; Gary Houston did. ]

> What happens is:
> (This also happens for a lot of other DTD's : mainly the snafu ones
> that come with GF)

You need to supply the SGML declaration on the command line:

sgmls html.decl yourfile.html

> I know that the GF documentation warns about this, and suggests you
> put a header in your documents to increase NAMELEN etc.

Don't do that :-)

It will choke most Web browsers, and it really isn't necessary.
You can keep (a single copy of) the SGML declaration in a
separate file.

--Joe English