Re: Tables and non-table-able browsers

Mike Meyer (
Wed, 9 Aug 95 22:48:10 PST

> Apache and CERN can do content negotiation on Accept: headers as per the
> HTTP specifications, but they don't use the User-Agent field to make
> content decisions. However, it would probably not be hard to modify
> Apache's mod_negotiation.c module (in 0.8.x and beyond) to look at that
> and compare it to some matrix of heuristics (i.e. invent a new server
> configuration directive like
> AddUserAgentAccept /*Mozilla*/ text/x-netscape-html

The pattern isn't good enough - the stats I've seen show about that
maybe 2/3rds of the Mozilla fetches are coming from 1.1 or 1.2; the
other third from 1.0 or earlier. You need to check for that case as

As an aside, aws does document-level filtering on arbitrary http
fields, and WN allows conditional text in the document based on
various HTTP header fields.