RE:Gif problem display on home page

Barry Kopulos (
Fri, 4 Aug 1995 00:26:55 -0500 (CDT)

I am trying to get a gif onto my home page which origiannly was in CDR
format V4 and was exported to gif89a format. Itis in 256 color mdoe but
when I try to load onto my home page I ge a big black page but no
pciture. In Corel it displays ok. Should I be doing something in Corel or
another program to make it compatibel-interlace/trasnparent type maybe?
I also had it in full screen original size but did downsize it in 1/2 but
still come sout all black. It is the Widnwos 95 bitmap(.BMP format) which is
included on Windows 95 Test Drive CD.