Polite Request

Jon Wallis (jw@scitsc.wlv.ac.uk)
Thu, 03 Aug 1995 08:05:31 +0100

Polite request
Could I suggest that when people send replies to messages on the www-html
list that they *include* enough of the original message to which they are
replying (or the thread so far) to make the reply comprehensible.

I frequently get messages that consist of a reply to a question I know
nothing about (and can't easily deduce from the response). This (a) is
irritating and (b) means I may be missing out on a interesting discussion
(which is irritating too!)

This is especially the case when the reply is sent To: the original sender
and Cc:'d to the list, as it feels like I'm eavesdropping on a private party.

Just a thought to help make the list more usuable.

Best regards,

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