Re: Proposed List Markup and few other things...

Albert Lunde (
Tue, 1 Aug 1995 18:22:26 -0500 (CDT)

> With regards to deprecation, and other concerns about preserving existing
> markup. Several people have requested macro extensions to HTML. Such an
> extension in either a head element or in style sheets would address the
> deprecation issue. If "standard" grep/awk like regexp were used for the
> term to be matched and the term to be substituted, most deprecated tags
> could be handled with minimal implementation effort on the part of document
> authors or browser developers. For example, <DEFINE MATCH="(/){0,1}UL"
> SUBST="%1LIST"> replaces <UL> with <LIST> and </UL> with </LIST>.
> In conclusion, we would like most of all to express our support of Michael
> Hannah's proposal for a reworking of the <LIST> markup for HTML 3.0.

I'd have severe doubts about adding a macro processor for this reason
(or to include text) as part of the HTMl standard. It would make
syntax checking with standard tools more difficult and break
lots of existing stuff. Remember not all platforms have the
Unix tools.

    Albert Lunde