Re: Generic LIST Element Proposal

Michael J Hannah (
Tue, 1 Aug 1995 10:11:17 +0700

++ On Mon, 31 Jul 1995, Michael J Hannah wrote:
++ >
++ > In this e-mail forum Ka-Ping Yee encouraged those who would complain to
++ > construct fully fleshed-out proposals. I have accepted that challenge.

++ Hmmm... i don't really remember saying something like that (though it is
++ nice to know that someone notices i'm trying to voice some thoughts here).
++ Which message were you referring to?

My apologies, I was dyslexic in following my pointer. The challenge was
made by Mike Meyer. I must have had Kq-Ping Yee's name on my mind since
I seem to agree with most of what he says. See the following archived
message from Mike Meyer for the correct attribution:

Ka-Ping Yee has made an appropriate comment in a personal e-mail
message to me that I should reference the www-html discussion as
hyperlink pointers to the actual archived mail messages in my Web
document. I am doing that modification right now.

Sorry to both Ka-Ping Yee and Mike Meyer for the mis-attribution.

Michael Hannah