Re: A framework for style sheet experiments/subsets?

Murray Altheim (
Fri, 28 Jul 1995 12:16:10 -0400

>>An upcoming debate is how well the CSS notation would fit into
>>an attribute:
>> <H1 STYLE = "font.color=red">Headline</H1>
>The exmaple implies that there is a single style sheet format. I tend to
>think that we should keep device dependent data out of the HTML file
>altogether. Otherwise they will be full of different <STYLE> tags and STYLE
>attributes for every intended audience.
> Paul Prescod
>Paul Prescod (


I agree wholeheartedly. I think a note in the header mentioning the style
sheet recommended for the document would be really enough. Please note that
I haven't been part of the style sheet discussion, but I would think
something akin to this would work:

----- The HTML file: --------------

[reference to style sheet]


SubHeading A

SubHeading B

SubHeading C

SubHeading D

SubHeading E

----- In the stylesheet file: ----- #define

font.color="red""bold" #define

font.color="fuschia""blink.wildly" #define

font.color="violetta""italic semibold" #define

font.color="yellow""bold" ----------------------------------- Again, I claim ignorance of the guts of a stylesheet, but I think keeping the actual style information in the stylesheet was the whole point of adding stylesheets in the first place: not to muck up HTML with presentation information. It seems that linking in the stylesheet by id, possibly id list or range would keep style information completely out of the HTML document, which was I believe the original intention. Murray __________________________________________________________________ Murray M. Altheim, Information Systems Analyst National Technology Transfer Center, Wheeling, West Virginia email: www: