Re: Sentence MarkUp

Mike Batchelor (
Thu, 27 Jul 1995 07:57:05 -0400 (EDT)

Philippe-Andre Prindeville once wrote...
> The rendering of ACRONYM is of the most minor importance compared to
> its usefulness in generating indicies for automatic searches and for
> processing by knobots.
> What is the use of a search engine that doesn't turn up documents
> discussing "MIT" when you ask for a list of all pertinent information
> relating to the Massachussetts Institute of Technology? Or such
> software that gives you heaps of info on the Ministry of Industry
> and Technology (of Montenegro???) when you were interested in the
> above mentioned engineering school?
> At this point, the rendering of "MIT" because insignificant... since
> you probably won't be looking at the right info anyway.

These comments seem to indicate that ACRONYM needs an attribute EXPANSION,
so that identical acronyms can be distinguished.

<acronym expansion="Massachusetts Institute of Technology>MIT</acronym>.

Although it does lose something in ease-of-typing. Perhaps CLASS is a
better way of doing this? The acronym tag does lose some of its
usefulness of there isn't some way of distinguishing them, or relating
them to their expansion.

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