Re: html precepts

869683 Gillespie Brandon James (
Tue, 25 Jul 1995 17:22:39 -0600

Daniel W. Connolly spake:
< Now that I've answered your question, I'm really curious to know why
< you couldn't find this information yourself. Or did you in fact find
< it, but overlook it because it seemed out of date?

Actually, I found that document. I felt it didn't fully illustrate
and expand upon what it was trying to convey. It is geared towards
"constraints" rather than "precepts".

< Are the basic design issues and foundations of the web architecture
< so hard to find? I wonder why?

Actually, yes. Finding information on is a nightmare,
primarily due in fact because it has virtually no organized structure
to it's content (other than a meek attempt at the top level).
Furthermore, there is no easy searching or secondary indexing
mechanism (cataloging information on a server by only one means will
inherently make it harder to find anything).

I appologize if there is more than one type of organizational system
on, I was unable to find it (them).

-Brandon Gillespie-