One more note on LINK REL=Icon

Benjamin C. W. Sittler (
Tue, 25 Jul 1995 13:59:35 -0600

Perhaps the TITLE attribute of LINK REL=Icon could be used instead of the
document title in an icon-based hotlist. This would, for example, allow
the document "Zebra Master Index: Entertainment: Games" to be represented
with the Zebra Index icon and the word "Games." Also, the TITLE attribute
could be used to represent the document in a non-graphical hotlist... so
maybe this shouldn't be called "Icon" after all... "Bookmark" is already
used, I noticed. What about "Hotlist"? (i.e., to represent this item in a

Hmmm.... any comments/suggestions?

Benjamin C. W. Sittler
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