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Paul Prescod (
Tue, 25 Jul 1995 13:51:24 -0400

At 04:15 PM 7/25/95 +0400, David Stickney wrote:
>Frankly I'm underbudgeted on time and money to email requests pages
>left and right.

If you give me a list of pages to send you I can do so.

>1) Tables, How do I get a gif on the right and text on the left? etc..

I don't understand what you mean. Do you mean a gif in the right cell and
text in the left?

>Can color be put into a table?

No. HTML does not support the concept of "colors." Netscape HTML does but
that is a different language.

>Does anyone have a URL that would answer some
>fairly basic questions?

You have web access??? Here's the URL:

>2) Colors, How do get the "#0000f00" numbers for setting colors, I want to
>change the background colors, but don't have the ability to match anything.
>Is there a formula, or did I have to go to MIT? ;)

Again, this is a Netscape HTML question. You should ask Netscape for the
answer. HTML does not allow the setting of colors via HEX numbers like this.

>3) Forms, They would like to have a form or 2, I have ordered up some
>100+ pages of HTML via email about writing html, and there isn't much
>except you have to configure the server somehow.

What you are interested in is CGI - Common Gateway Interface.

URLS: - Introduction to CGI - A CGI Programmer's Reference - CGI Specification

>4) Maps, I got lucky, This organization worked in over 100 countries last
>year, Is a clickable map worth the time? Is Configuration of the server a
>pain? ( It's not my server and I don't want to be a bad guest).

It depends on the server. On older servers, yes. On newer servers, no.

>Finally, where is a good old fashioned text file that can explain
>all the scripting I need to write.

It depends on your platform, on your server, etc.

>Well, If you have read this far, you sure are a swell networker, and as
>always, I pay for for my consultations, so if you reply, send your ground
>address, and I'll send you 1,000 rubles.

I dunno how much 1000 rubles is, but don't worry about it. Your job must be
very interesting. I don't suppose there are openings for Web
masters/programmers with World vision in Russia. =)

Paul Prescod

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