869683 Gillespie Brandon James (brandon@smithfield.declab.usu.edu)
Sat, 22 Jul 1995 13:18:55 -0600

<> For instance, since the background tile is apparently already part of the
<> 3.0 DTD, I think Lou (a la Netscape) has sufficiently proven that it is
<> neccessary to change the text colors (blue anchors disappearing into a blue
<> background, etc). Accept it. Announce colors in HTML 3.
< So why don't you do it? Write up something that is rigorous enough to
< be considered an internet draft, and send it to the working group
< (which makes you de-facto part of the working group).
< The real question is: why hasn't NetScape done this?

Because in the HTML 3 draft it states that backgrounds are really *ONLY*
inteded for clients which do not support style sheets. Style sheets
should give you the ability to change colors/backgrounds/whatever.
Netscape should (for once) try following a standard (of sorts) and USE

-Brandon Gillespie-