Re: color: NCSA Mosaic, Netscape, and HTML3

Evan Kirshenbaum (
Fri, 21 Jul 1995 11:34:47 -0700

> Added to the HTML v3 spec? Netscape claims their extensions *are* the
> HTML v3 spec.
> "Netscape Navigator 1.1's new capabilities include:
> Advanced layout capabilities using HTML 3.0 tables and graphical
> backdrops. These capabilities allow more sophisticated page presentation,
> including multiple text columns and flexible image placement." [1]
> Netscape's table markups do not conform to the HTML v3 DTD. Nowhere in
> the DTD does it indicate that the border attribute may take a value for
> thickness, or anything else, for example. There are numerous other
> attributes that are nowhere to be found in the HTML 3.0 DTD, not to
> mention the "notorious" <center> and <font> tags.

Interestingly enough, when you go to the Netscape page which describes
the table syntax [*], these attributes are listed under a paragraph
which reads

We found when creating tables that the creator inevitably wanted a
little more control, especially when creating complex multiply
nested tables. To this end we added a few more attributes that we
are hoping to get into The continually evolving proposed HTML 3.0

The top of the page, which defines the tags and attributes as defined
in the DTD, reads

It has been interesting trying to faithfully reproduce tables as
described in the HTML 3.0 proposed spec. in Netscape 1.1, because as
fast as I implement something, the proposed spec. changes. The best
I can offer, is that in order for the HTML 3.0 proposal to become a
real spec. and eventual standard, it will some day have to stop

This seems entirely fair to me, and I don't see how the charge that
Netscape is trying to pass off their extensions as part of the
standard can fairly be leveled.


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