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Under Dan's "possible developments" one might also list SUBDOC, generally
thought of as evil---but it models what's desired here (arbitrary inclusion
of anything anywhere).

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In message <>, Keith Rogers writes:
>Is there some facility in HTML for automatically including another HTML
>file within
>a main HTML file, much like the IMG tag includes a graphics file?

This is a very frequently asked question.

I hate to beg, but...

would one of the knowledgeable and capable HTML book/intro/tutorial
writers research this issue and submit an answer to the WWW FAQ

Currently, that would be Thomas Boutell <>

Basically, the options are:

existing technologies:
server-side includes (see NCSA server doc)
cpp/m4/text preprocessor of your choice
possible developments:
<a href="included.html" REL=INCLUDE>...</a>
(we've got a student implementing this, by the way!
Hi Alex!)

Real SGML Entities (tm)

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